Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning. Here’s Why.

A carpet is a valuable investment, and carpet cleaning is an investment for your health.

It’s undeniable that the dirt and grime we bring indoors and into carpets accumulate every day. The carpet could become a breeding ground for allergens and germs, and this can eventually cause sickness. This is the primary reason why you need to get your carpets cleaned twice or at least once a year.

A do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is not sufficient to deeply clean your carpets and will not get rid of bacteria, as well as stubborn dirt and spots.

The best option is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company which could ensure the air you breathe is clean and germ-free. Exceptional and dependable carpet cleaning will also restore the beauty of your carpets. After all, it’s a valuable investment and deserves to be treated the best way possible.

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Reasons to go for professional carpet cleaners

The frequency of cleaning your carpets highly depends on how soiled it is, how often it’s used, carpet type and carpet color. If you wait too long to clean your carpets, it could lead to deterioration, and even the best carpet cleaner may not be able to bring it back to its old glory.

Carpet manufacturers recommend carpet maintenance at least once a year. Entrusting the job to professional carpet cleaners is also highly recommended.

* Professional carpet cleaners provide top-notch, reliable service. They go through hands-on training and certification, so you are guaranteed of knowledgeable and experienced cleaners.

* Carpet cleaners are equipped with know-how about the use of cleaning solutions and how they affect various carpets, as well as with the use of state of the art cleaning equipment.

* They know how valuable your carpets are, so they ensure that the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations and warranty requirements are met.

* Professional carpet cleaners can remove moderate to heavy soil conditions which are not possible with regular home carpet cleaning.

* They know every carpet is unique and do complete analysis before recommending cleaning solutions.

* They use carpet cleaning techniques, like Hot Water Extraction, which removes deep-seated dirt with the help of powerful vacuums. This cleaning system also comes highly recommended by most carpet manufacturers because it maintains the quality of the carpet.

They also offer dry cleaning solutions using bonnets or absorbent compound. This is especially recommended in high-traffic areas like hallways or event places because carpets dry faster; it uses very little or no liquid so drying time could take less than 30 minutes and the carpets are ready to be used again.

* Professional cleaners can remove most stubborn stains that you cannot handle when doing basic carpet cleaning. Different stains require different cleaning solutions. They are trained on this because the wrong chemical could completely ruin a carpet.

They provide consistent, quality cleaning to meet the requirements of the most demanding customer.

* Carpet cleaning becomes quick, easy and hassle-free when handled by the best cleaners. A typical 300-square feet room usually takes 20 minutes to clean but could take longer depending on the carpet’s soiled and stained condition, and if heavy furniture needs to be moved.

* Carpet cleaning companies do not charge extravagant fees. They could give you free quotations and could charge by room size or by the square foot. The average cost these days range from $120 to $234.

Some cleaners offer their services at a much lower rate, but you should be wary of low-priced companies. Often, low fees are just their way to bait customers and once hired, they ask payment for other services eventually increasing the cleaning cost.

When you scout for carpet cleaners, be sure to ask about the services included in their rate. Payment for moving small furniture is usually already included. They may charge extra for moving pianos, cabinets, dressers and other heavy or large furniture.

* Most carpet cleaning companies provide a guarantee for their work and could re-do cleaning parts of your carpets if you are not fully satisfied, without extra costs to you.

They would be happy to correct any issues until you become a happy and satisfied customer. Indeed, they value their reputation, so you are assured of quality service.

After the cleaning is done, conducting preventive carpet maintenance is highly recommended until the next cleaning cycle. It would prevent dirt from deeply penetrating the carpets. Some of the ways to do this are through the following:

  1. Vacuum carpets regularly to remove dirt that has gathered on top.
  2. Immediately clean spills that could permanently stain the carpets.
  3. Remove carpet dents caused by heavy furniture by using a soft brush.