Important Things to Remember When Hiring an Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner

Most people spend a lot of time indoors – often lounging on the couch or sitting on the carpet, even playing on it if there are children and pets. In due time, the carpets and furniture upholstery become dirty and could accumulate plenty of allergens and germs.

It’s a good thing you can rely on upholstery and carpet cleaners to do the job of reinstating your carpet and furniture in their former glory. A soiled carpet and couch require deep cleaning so they would last until the next scheduled cleaning.

We’ve consulted with a reputable upholstery cleaning company and here’s what they recommend:

When it comes to upholstery and carpet cleaning, you need to remember important points before contacting a reliable cleaner.

  1. Ensure your upholstery carpet cleaners are trained and licensed. Cleaners undergo strict training before certification to make sure customers only get the best service. They are not only educated on the cleaning process but also on the latest cleaning technologies.

Without training and certification, a cleaning company would not be able to provide satisfactory service despite having the most modern equipment in the market.

  1. A professional upholstery and carpet cleaner should be knowledgeable about handling different carpets, furniture and fabric. Each one is unique and requires different handling.
  2. A cleaner should strictly follow the three basic steps to cleaning carpets and upholstery to achieve the best results possible: preparation, cleaning, and finishing.

Cleaners have different ways of tackling carpets and upholstery, but the ultimate goal is to restore them to their original state as much as possible.

  1. Cleaners must examine the carpet or fabric before deciding on the cleaning solutions they will use, as well as how it should be cleaned – which could be dry cleaning or steam cleaning. For example, wool or cotton carpets are treated differently as compared to Berber carpets. Fabrics also have dyes, and every dye reacts differently so the correct cleaning solution should be applied to avoid damaging upholstery.

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What is the right upholstery and carpet cleaning solution for you?

Carpet cleaners come to the rescue to remove the most stubborn dirt and stains that regular home cleaning solutions cannot solve. Cleaners have the right chemicals for every carpet and upholstery fabric that are not usually available from a store. They also have powerful equipment and special tools designed to remove stubborn dirt from every nook and cranny of a couch or loveseat.

Here are the popular cleaning options you can choose from:

Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning

This process effectively removes embedded soil. The cleaning solution breaks down soil deposits and rinsed off with highly-pressurized hot water, and extracted by a powerful vacuum.



The cleaning solution is applied as a foam. A machine spreads it unto the fibers of the carpet to trap and enclose the soil. The encapsulated particles are then extracted from the carpet using a powerful vacuum.


Dry Cleaning or Bonnet Cleaning

The cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet, applied and then extracted using a bonnet attached to a machine. The bonnet could become very dirty during the cleaning process, so it is replaced by a fresh one.


Absorbent Compound Cleaning

This cleaning process uses powder to remove dirt and grime from the carpet’s surface. The powder is scattered and applied evenly by a machine with rotating brushes. It is then vacuumed or extracted after 10 to 15 minutes.