Things You Need to Know About the Carpet Cleaning Business

Valuable and high-quality items can wear and tear over time despite best efforts to care for them. But do not despair because almost always, there is a professional and reliable service you can trust to fix them.

A carpet is an expensive investment you need to take care of to avoid incurring huge damage and cost. For cleaning this valuable asset, the best and wisest decision you can make is to entrust it to professional carpet cleaners.

The Carpet Cleaning Business

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carpet cleaning

When an investor decides to run a business that provided carpet cleaning services, he or she has the option to:

  1. Put up his/her independent carpet cleaning brand
  2. Buy a carpet cleaning franchise

Starting your own carpet cleaning business with your brand is a big gamble, especially if you have no first-hand information on the ins and outs of the business. You would have to do a trial and error on your services, your cleaning solutions and equipment, and other ways of doing the business.

This does not include the fact that your mistakes could become word of mouth or a bad publicity for your business.

You would also need to come up with marketing strategies that work.

Buying a carpet cleaning franchise, on the other hand, eliminates a lot of the hassles of putting up the business. When you buy a franchise, your employees are given the training necessary to carry out their jobs efficiently and successfully, without sacrificing the reputation of the business.

Franchising a carpet cleaning business requires an initial investment of $20,000 to $50,000 which covers permission to use the brand, employee training, and basic marketing. You would need to set aside capital for office rental, purchase of vehicles and modern equipment.

Your business would also need to obtain a license to operate and insurance for your employees and business in general. Once these are complete, you may start accepting clients and do what you’re trained for.


Carpet Cleaning Services

Do not wait to see your carpets soiled and dirty. Dirt can easily build up in your carpets; they could penetrate the deepest layers of your carpet fibers. It is not the way to care for your cherished possession because you are risking the possibility of not being able to bring it back to its former glory.

A dirty carpet also affects the overall appearance of your home. You would not feel comfortable at all as long as they’re dirty. You will also be stressing yourself out thinking of the possible germs and allergens that can make you sick.

You have invested a huge sum of money in your carpets but keeping them clean would not make you break your bank deposit. Carpet cleaning companies have affordable carpet cleaning methods. There will surely be one that would fit your budget and need.


Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning, also known as Hot Water Extraction (HWE), comes highly recommended by large carpet manufacturers. Some manufacturers even go to the extent of voiding a warranty if carpets are cleaned using other methods.

This carpet cleaning process provides deep cleaning and extracts dirt that has penetrated the deepest layers of your carpets.

Hot Water Extraction effectively removes embedded soil. Chemical solutions applied on the carpet break down soil deposits. It is rinsed off using highly-pressurized hot water. Powerful vacuums are employed to suck the steam, as well as the soil and cleaning solution.

Steam Cleaning also removes sickness-causing germs and allergens because it disinfects and sanitizes carpets.



Encapsulation employs the application of the cleaning solution in the form of a foam. It is spread on the carpet using machines with brushes. Once the foam gets in contact with soil and dirt, it captures it and stays encapsulated until it dries. The particles are then extracted from the carpet using a powerful vacuum.

Encapsulation is found more effective than carpet shampooing because it leaves lesser residues and has quicker drying time.


Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning uses cleaning solutions that require very little water. It is sprayed and brushed on the carpet, and then absorbed and extracted using a bonnet attached to a machine. Cleaners bring a lot of fresh bonnets on the job because it will need to be replaced by a fresh one every time it becomes very dirty.


Absorbent Compound Cleaning

This cleaning method uses powder cleaning agents that effectively remove dirt and grime from the surface of carpets. It is scattered on the carpet and applied evenly by a machine with rotating brushes. Cleaners leave it on the carpet for about 10 to 15 minutes. This allows the compound to absorb the dirt from the carpet fibers. It is then vacuumed and renders the carpets usable in less than 30 minutes.